Born in Yonkers, NY, Breeze Mantana was raised in Mt. Vernon, NY. Naturally a quiet child, he had a love for art but at age 9, he started writing raps after being inspired by two very important events in his life. A chance invitation and subsequent meeting with legendary producer, Pete Rock (a Mt. Vernon native) at his house piqued his interest in the music business. That following Christmas, he received four gifts that would put him on to the trajectory of becoming a rapper - Big Pun's "Capital Punishment”, Fat Joe's "Don Cartegena", Camron's "Confessions of Fire", and DJ Clue's "The Professional part 1". Those cd’s inspired him to begin reading the dictionary to build his vocabulary in preparation to becoming a great lyricist. He never once told anyone what he was up to, waiting until he felt confident enough in his rhyming skills.


Through a mutual friend, at age 15, he met another ambitious rapper, Capacity, and started a crew called "F4 Politics". The buzz regarding the group quickly circulated throughout Mt. Vernon High School, to the point where Breeze was constantly pulled out of class to battle other students in the school’s courtyard. After a two year winning streak, Breeze realized that the rap battle scene wasn't enough for him to really master his artistry. He then met up with a local producer Spunk Bigga, who taught him how to construct a song properly as well as intricate bar arrangement. Taking what he learned with Spunk Bigga, he then began to release official mixtapes with Backdown Entertainment.


in 2005, he met Sha from Enta Da Dorm and spit a hot 16 over the phone for him, which later became "Check Please" on the "914" mixtape. That mixtape was released in the summer of 06' and quickly spread around the tri-state NYC area, furthering to build Breeze’s name and credibility even further. Breeze then released the mixtape, "If I Was Signed To Star Trak" in February 2007, which did extremely well, due to the buzz garnered through his street promotion. Breeze’s mix-album, "You Only Live 2Wice" then debuted in December 2010. The project was an in-depth look into the deceptive and tempting allures of street life, on all levels from general to his own personal experiences.


Now fresh off an 18 month jail bid, Breeze is more focused than ever on his music artistry and career, which was evident in the release of his Weekly Series “#GoldMindTuesdays”. In early 2015, he released an EP “Let Us Cook”, which has garnered press in,, and He's now Gearing Up For The Release Of His Forthcoming Album " American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge"